IGS101 General Science

Welcome to General Science! Course lectures, assignments, and other documents are found at the bottom of this page.

Instructor: Dr. Alexander Klein

Schedule: Lectures: M/W 15:30-17:00, Lab: F 13:00-16:00


Course Description

An introduction to science and scientific methods. The course introduces a scientific approach to study with a focus on controlled methods and using observable physical evidence to collected data. The course focuses on selected areas of chemistry, biology and physics.

Course Objectives: After completing the course, students will understand:

  1. The nature of the explanations science offers and how these explanations relate to other efforts to explain our experiences
  2. The fundamental characteristics of chemical elements as well as compounds, their generation by chemical reactions
  3. The basic structure of plant and animal cells, as well as larger parts, organs, and systems of living beings
  4. The processes of mutation and evolution
  5. The fundamental concepts of mechanics (motion, space and time / work, energy and power) as developed in classical and modern physics, how these concepts have developed and how they relate to daily experiences and modern technologies
  6. The fundamental concepts of electricity in sufficient detail to form the basis for a future course in General Physics.

Course Materials (lecture notes, assignments, etc.):

Lecture1 What is Science? History of Science.

Lecture2 Units, significant figures, errors and uncertainty.

Assignment 1 (due Friday, Nov 4th 2011)

Lecture3 Overview of major physics regarding forces, matter.

Quiz1 (not graded, to gauge general knowledge of students)

Lecture4 (Quantum mechanics, waves, the atom, molecules)

Lab Report Format (guide for writing lab reports)

Assignment 2 (due Friday, Nov 11th 2011)

Lecture5 (molecules, bonding, chemical reactions, acids & bases)

Lecture6 (Light and atoms/molecules)

Assignment 3 (due Nov 18th 2011)


spectroscope construction

Lecture7 (Nuclear Fusion, Carbon, Biochemistry)


Lecture8 (From atoms to molecules to Life, Evolution)


Lecture9 (More on evolution, genetics)

Lecture10 (All about cells)


Lecture11 (Photosynthesis, viruses)

Assignment 4

Lecture12 (Introduction to physics)

Lecture13 (motion)

Assignment 5

Pendulum Lab Questions

Lecture14 (motion in 2 dimensions)

Assignment 6 (due Mon, Jan 23)

Lecture15 (Force and Newtons Laws)

Lecture 16 (Friction)


Lecture17 (Energy)

Assignment 7 (Due Mon, Jan 30)

Lecture18 (Machines)


Lecture19 (Charge and electric fields)

Assignment 8 (due Mon, Feb 6)


Lecture20 (Electrostatics)

Lecture21 (Electric Potential)

Assignment 9 (Due Mon, Feb 13th)

Lecture22 (Capacitance)

Lecture23 (Ohms Law)

Assignment 10 (due Wed, Feb 22)

Lecture24 (basic circuits)


Lecture25 (AC circuits)

Lecture26 (Transistors)