IMA212 Discrete Mathematics

Welcome to Discrete Mathematics!

Instructor: Dr. Vaide Narvaez

Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 8:30am-10am

Course Description

A study and introduction to the mathematical concepts of sets, logic, relations, functions, combinatorics, graph theory and Boolean algebra. This course will be applicable to those studying computer science and technology.

Course Objectives

Discrete mathematics involves the kind of mathematics which arises when one tries to model real world problems in a form which can be numerically analyzed by a computer. The mathematical tools which will be studied in this course form the basis of a methodology known as mathematical modeling. The aim of this course is to acquire these mathematical tools and be able to apply them to simple forms of mathematical modeling.

Course Syllabus and Material


Week Unit/Chapter Content Exercises
1-3 1 The Foundations: Logic and Proofs

Exercise sheet
4 2 Basic structures

Assignment1 (due 24/11/09)

5 3 The growth of functions

6-7 4 Induction and recursion

8 5 Counting

9 6 Discrete Probability

Assignment 2 (due 26.01.2010)
10 -11 8 Relations

12-13 9 Graphs

Assignment 3 (due 18.02.2010)
14 11 Boolean algebra

15 Course Review Review Exercises

All Materials are Here!

Reading Material

Required textbook

  1. James Rosen, Kenneth H. Discrete Mathematics and it’s Applications: McGraw-Hill, 2003

Supplementary reading materials

  1. Wayne Haggarty, Rod. Discrete Mathematics for Computing: Pearson Education, 2002