Aj. Thoranin Intarajak

MSc (Information Technology), BSc (Computer Science)

Payap University – Mae Khao Campus
Room G314, Graduate School Building
Ph: (+66) 53 851 478 – 86 Ext. 7221

Thoranin Intarajak received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Burapha University and a Master of Information Technology from King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok in Thailand. He joined Payap University as a lecturer in Computer Information Systems in November 2007. His research primarily focuses on Decision Support Systems and Artificial Intelligence. His recent works include a rural clinical decision support system and breast cancer diagnosis. For more information, see http://dsl.payap.ac.th/?page_id=383.


Semester 1 Year 2011

  • ICS231 Computer Architecture
  • ICS232 Operating Systems
  • ICS393 Selected Topics in CIS I

Semester 2 Year 2010

  • ICS341 Systems Analysis and Design
  • ICS424 Computer and Professional Ethics
  • ICS425 Decision Support Systems

Semester 2 Year 2009