ICS321 Management Information Systems

Welcome to M.I.S.

Instructor: Dr. Ken Cosh

Schedule: M/W 14:00-15:30

Course Description:

A study of the structure of basic information and the design and development of management information system within business and industrial environments.  Students will explore the application of information technology as a management productivity tool and integrative use of application programs to improve productivity.

Course Objectives:

1 Understand the changing role of IS / IT within modern business.

2 Appreciate how to use IS / IT to gain a strategic / competitive advantage.

3 Understand the resources that make up an information system; data, software, hardware, communication & people.

4 Discuss some applications of IS / IT within modern business; SCM, DSS, KMS, CRM.

5 Understand how to manage system development, from business analysis, through system design, to system implementation.

6 Appreciate the value and risks involved when considering outsourcing as a solution to IS needs.

7 Understand how to manage existing systems and deal with system problems, such as security problems, ethical problems, or problems caused when integrating international systems.



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2. Managing Information Technology, 6th Edition, 2009, Carol V. Brown, Daniel W. DeHayes, Jeffrey A. Hoffer, E. Wainright Martin, William C. Perkins, Pearson Prentice Hall, 978-0-13-814661-0

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4. Management Information Systems for the Information Age, 8th Edition, Stephen   Haag, Maeve Cummings, McGraw Hill,


Module 1: Foundation  Concepts

Week 1: Introduction