Degree: Bachelor of Science
Program: Computer Information Systems

Program Overview
New information technologies are rapidly changing the nature and speed of global commerce. Computer-based Information Systems (CIS) have become and essential resource in the development, production and distribution of products and services. CIS has also changed the work of management not only in Southeast Asian region, but across the world. The effective use of CIS leads to competitive advantages for business, while also creating superior results in of CIS leads to competitive advantages for business, while also creating superior results in services and communications for government institutions as well as non-profit organizations. This Bachelor Degree is expertly designed to fulfill the growing need for young, highly trained professionals in the field.

Major Requirements
In orders to graduate with a major in Computer Information Systems, students are required to complete a total of 95 credits in the major. Core courses in Business and Science offer subjects like Business, Management, Chemistry, Physics or Business Statistics. Major required courses include Programming, Systems Analysis & Design, Software Engineering, and Data Communications &Networking and Professional Ethics. Finally, elective courses offer students the opportunity to take classes in computer or business areas of their own interests.

General Education Requirement
All Bachelor’s Degree programs in the International College require 37 credits in General Education (GE) courses. The GE courses insure that every student has at least an introduction to a wide range of academic subjects. Every student will take at least four semesters of a language other than their own, choosing from Thai, German, French, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin) and/or English. The language requirement will enable most students to graduate with conversational competence in at least two languages to preparing them for a wide range of careers in multilingual environments.

Students will also select a number of interdisciplinary courses focusing on personality development, the comparative study of different value and belief systems, and the integration and synthesis knowledge. Additional elective courses will offer students the opportunity to take any courses offered by the other departments in the International College (English Communication, International Hospitality Management, and International Business Management). Students may choose from an impressive range of subjects: Symbolic and Critical Reasoning, Music, History, Gender Studies, Religion, the Environment, and etc.

Curriculum Structure

1. General Education Courses 30 Credits
1.1 Humanities and Social Science 9 Credits
1.2 Science, Mathematics and Technology 9 Credits
1.3 Language Competency 12 Credits
2. Professional Courses 98 Credits
2.1 Foundation Courses Non-Credits
2.2 Core Courses 29 Credits
2.3 Major Required Courses 39 Credits
2.4 Major Elective Courses 30 Credits
3. Free Elective Courses 6 Credits
Total Number of Credits 134 Credits

1. General Education Courses
See General Education Courses for details

Students are required to take 30 credits to complete courses in the following three areas of study: there are 9 credits of Humanities and Social Sciences, 9 credits of Science, Mathematics and Technology, and 12 credits of Language Competency

1.1 Humanities and Social Sciences, 9 credits

IGE101 Truth and Service for Holistic Living 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IGE102 Foundations of Southeast Asian Society 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IGE103 Religion, Power, and Peacemaking 3 (3-0-6) Credits

1.2 Science, Mathematics and Technology, 9 credits

IGE104 Logic and Mathematics for Daily Living 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IGE105 Communication Technology in a Changing World 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IGE106 Environmental Problems and Sustainable Development 3 (3-0-6) Credits

1.3 Language Competency, 12 credits

Students are required to successfully complete a total of 12 credits of one language other than their native language:

1.3.1 THAI

IGE111 Thai I (By placement) 3 (3-1-7) Credits
IGE112 Thai II (Prerequisite: IGE111 or by placement) 3 (3-1-7) Credits
IGE211 Thai III (Prerequisite: IGE112) 3 (3-1-7) Credits
IGE212 Thai IV (Prerequisite: IGE211) 3 (3-1-7) Credits
IGE213 Thai V (Prerequisite: IGE212) 3 (3-1-7) Credits
IGE214 Thai VI (Prerequisite: IGE113) 3 (3-1-7) Credits


IGE121 Reading (By placement) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IGE122 Listening and Speaking (By placement) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IGE221 Paragraph Writing (Prerequisite: IGE121 and IGE122) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IGE222 Reading for Discussion (Prerequisite: IGE121) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IGE223 Reading for Specific Purposes (Prerequisite: IGE122) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IGE224 Advanced Listening and Speaking(Prerequisite: IGE122) 3 (3-0-6) Credits

1.3.3 GERMAN

IGE131 German I (By placement) 3 (3-1-7) Credits
IGE132 German II (Prerequisite: IGE131 or by placement) 3 (3-1-7) Credits
IGE231 German III (Prerequisite: IGE132) 3 (3-1-7) Credits
IGE232 German IV (Prerequisite: IGE231) 3 (3-1-7) Credits
IGE233 German V (Prerequisite: IGE232) 3 (3-1-7) Credits
IGE234 German VI (Prerequisite: IGE233) 3 (3-1-7) Credits


IGE141 Japanese I (By placement) 3 (3-1-7) Credits
IGE142 Japanese II (Prerequisite: IGE141 or by placement) 3 (3-1-7) Credits
IGE241 Japanese III (Prerequisite: IGE142) 3 (3-1-7) Credits
IGE242 Japanese IV (Prerequisite: IGE241) 3 (3-1-7) Credits
IGE243 Japanese V (Prerequisite: IGE242) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IGE244 Japanese VI (Prerequisite: IGE243) 3 (3-0-6) Credits


IGE151 Chinese I (By placement) 3 (3-1-7) Credits
IGE152 Chinese II (Prerequisite: IGE151 or by placement) 3 (3-1-7) Credits
IGE251 Chinese III (Prerequisite: IGE152) 3 (3-1-7) Credits
IGE252 Chinese IV (Prerequisite: IGE251) 3 (3-1-7) Credits
IGE253 Chinese V (Prerequisite: IGE252) 3 (3-1-7) Credits
IGE254 Chinese VI (Prerequisite: IGE253) 3 (3-1-7) Credits

Remark: Students who would like advanced standing for language courses must take a placement test. Based on performance on the test, students may complete language courses at a higher level for a total of 12 credits in that language. Placement testing is available for only the first two courses in each language.

2. Professional Courses

2.1 Foundation Courses

In order to provide basic knowledge to students with no computing or mathematical background, basic foundation courses are to be conducted, and as required by the admissions panel. Students must pass the non-credit courses (P/NP).

ICS101 Introduction to Computer and Information Technology 0 (2-2-5) Credits
IMA101 Basic Mathematics 0 (2-2-5) Credits

2.2 Core Courses

Students must complete at least 29 credits from the following courses:

IBM100 Introduction to Business 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IBM103 Principles of Management (Prerequisite: IBM100) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IBM203 Business Statistics and Research (Prerequisite: IMA101) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IGS101 General Science 4 (3-3-8) Credits
IMA102 Advanced Maths (Prerequisite: IMA101) 3 (2-2-5) Credits
IMA210 Calculus I (Prerequisite: IMA102) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IMA211 Calculus II (Prerequisite: IMA210) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IMA212 Discrete Mathematics (Prerequisite: IMA210) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IPH113 General Physics (Prerequisite: IGS101) 4 (3-3-8) Credits

2.3 Major Required Courses

Students must complete at least 39 credits from the following courses:

ICS110 Computer Programming I 3 (2-2-5) Credits
ICS211 Computer Programming II (Prerequisite: ICS110) 3 (2-2-5) Credits
ICS220 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis (Prerequisite: ICS211 & IMA102) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
ICS231 Computer Architecture 3 (3-0-6) Credits
ICS232 Operating Systems (Prerequisite: ICS231) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
ICS321 Management Information Systems (Prerequisite: IBM103) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
ICS322 Database Management Systems (Prerequisite: ICS220) 3 (2-2-5) Credits
ICS341 Systems Analysis and Design (Prerequisite: ICS211) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
ICS361 Data Communications and Networking (Prerequisite: ICS231) 3 (2-2-5) Credits
ICS423 Electronic Business Systems (Prerequisite: ICS321 & ICS361) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
ICS424 Computer and Professional Ethics (Prerequisite: ICS321) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
ICS440 Software Engineering (Prerequisite: ICS341) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
ICS499 Student Project in CIS (Prerequisite: ICS440) 3 (0-9-5) Credits

2.4 Major Elective Courses

2.4.1 Courses in Business Concentration

Students must complete at least 30 credits by selecting a mandatory 15 credits in Computer Concentration courses and an additional 15 credits from either the Computer Concentration or Business Concentration Courses.

IBM101 Principles of Accounting I 3 (2-2-5) Credits
IBM102 Principles of Accounting II (Prerequisite: IBM101) 3 (2-2-5) Credits
IBM104 Human Resource Management (Prerequisite: IBM103) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IBM105 Microeconomics 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IBM106 Macroeconomics (Prerequisite: IBM105) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IBM107 Principles of Marketing 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IBM201 Business Finance and Taxation (Prerequisite: IBM102) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IBM202 Managerial Accounting (Prerequisite: IBM102) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IBM204 Production and Operation Management (Prerequisite: IBM203) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IBM207 Business Law 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IBM311 Electronic Commerce (Prerequisite: IBM107) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IBM321 Accounting System (Prerequisite: IBM102) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IBM322 Entrepreneurship (Prerequisite: IBM103) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IBM323 Globalization and the Information Economy in Asia Pacific Region (Prerequisite: IBM106) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
IBM326 Management of the Multinational Enterprise (Prerequisite: IBM103) 3 (3-0-6) Credits

2.4.2 Courses in Computer Concentration

ICS212 Object-Oriented Programming (Prerequisite: ICS110) 3 (2-2-5) Credits
ICS213 Web Programming (Prerequisite: ICS110) 3 (2-2-5) Credits
ICS314 Web Entrepreneurship (Prerequisite: ICS213) 3 (2-2-5) Credits
ICS362 Distributed Systems (Prerequisite: ICS361) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
ICS370 Computer Graphics (Prerequisite: ICS211 & IMA212) 3 (2-2-5) Credits
ICS371 Multimedia Systems (Prerequisite: ICS370) 3 (2-2-5) Credits
ICS393 Selected Topics in CIS I (Prerequisite: passed three major required courses) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
ICS425 Decision Support Systems (Prerequisite: ICS322) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
ICS442 IT Project Management (Prerequisite: ICS341) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
ICS443 Human-Computer Interaction (Prerequisite: ICS341) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
ICS480 Service Learning (Prerequisite: ICS424) 3 (1-6-5) Credits
ICS481 Artificial Intelligence (Prerequisite: ICS220 & IMA212) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
ICS491 Independent Study in CIS (Prerequisite: ICS440) 3 (1-6-5) Credits
ICS492 Seminar in CIS (Prerequisite: ICS440) 3 (2-2-5) Credits
ICS493 Selected Topics in CIS II (Prerequisite: passed three major required courses) 3 (3-0-6) Credits
ICS495 Practicum in CIS (Prerequisite: ICS440) 3 (0-18-9) Credits

3. Free Electives Courses

Students must select additional 6 credits hours from among the courses offered by other departments in the International Programs.