Computer Information Systems (CIS) have become an essential resource in the development, production, and distribution of products and services. They have changed management practices in Southeast Asia and across the world. CIS program is designed to fill the growing need for highly trained professionals in the field.

Enter CIS’s four-year undergraduate program and study with highly qualified Thai and foreign professors. With Payap’s links to universities and companies abroad, a truly international student body, and close individual attention to our students, CIS can give you the practical skills you need to build a successful international career.


Not only is computing technology shrinking the business world, but effective systems for managing information and communication is also crucial to the accomplishment of many business functions.


The Computer Information Systems Department intends to produce skilled computer professionals with a broad understanding of the techniques, theories, and ethical issues involved in developing and maintaining information systems, as well as with multicultural and multilingual communication skills.


  1. To provide students with a strong foundation in computing technologies, business information management, and language communications.
  2. To prepare individual analysts, designers, or developers for managing and producing information systems in business and/or the industry.
  3. To produce graduates with an understanding of ethical working and living conduct.
  4. To build worldwide professional links and positive relationships in the international community.


  1. Classes taught in English by professors with international experience
  2. Preparation for an international career
  3. Small classes, personal advising, individual attention
  4. Friendships with a diverse group of students from many countries and cultures
  5. The chance to study multiple foreign languages
  6. Professional support services, career counseling, and job connections
  7. Internships and study abroad at partner institutions in Asia, Australia, and the USA
  8. Safe and comfortable lifestyle in Chiang Mai
  9. Easy access to Bangkok and neighboring countries
  10. Computing and research facilities in a major university